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The DG uses the most modern technological means to ensure rigorous and effective monitoring of all processes, from their beginning to their conclusion.

Labor Law​

  • Individual and collective negotiation (terminations)
  • Actions arising from the employment contract (claims for unpaid wages and overtime, discrimination, harassment, retaliation, professional training, etc.)
  • Actions arising from accidents at work and occupational diseases
  • Collective dismissal
  • Preparation of employment contracts; termination agreements, etc.
  • Extinction of jobs
  • Disciplinary procedures
  • Labor offenses

Civil Right

  • Urban lease (leases and evictions)
  • Civil liability and consumer protection
  • Road accidents
  • Right of ownership of furniture and real estate
  • Condominium affairs
  • Debt Collection (Injunctions and Enforcements)
  • Special processes (follow-up, rendering of accounts, consignment in deposit and review of foreign judgment)
  • Advice, preparation, review and follow-up of actions and civil contracts

Family and Minors Law

  • Regulation of the exercise of parental responsibilities (non-compliance and alteration)
  • Divorce by mutual consent or without the consent of the other spouse
  • Preparation of prenuptial agreements
  • Paternity investigation
  • Qualifications of heirs
  • Inventory Processes (by marriage or death)
  • Extrajudicial divisions (by marriage or death)
  • Wills

Insolvency and Credit Recovery

  • Monitoring judicial and extrajudicial recovery processes (revitalization, payment plans, recovery plans, agreements and insolvency)
  • Technical advice on indebtedness and judicial and extrajudicial recovery of natural and legal persons

Registries and Notary

  • Car registration
  • Land registra
  • Civil registry
  • Commercial registration (Constitution, transformation, merger, split and dissolution of a commercial company)
  • Central Registration of Effective Beneficiary
  • Recognition of simple signatures and with special mentions, namely face-to-face letter and signature recognition

  • Certification of copies and documents, in conformity with the originals

  • Translation certification

  • Authentication terms

  • Elaboration and/or execution of Deeds of donation, purchase and sale, etc.

  • Bookmarking and/or tracking deeds

Immigration Law

  • Golden Visas
  • Nationality process (by acquisition and attribution)
  • Expression of interest
  • Family reunification
  • Application for a residence permit (Granting and renewal)

Commercial and Corporate LawCommercial and Corporate Law

  • Constitution trasformation, merger, spin-off and dissolution of commercial company
  • Legal advice on matters of commercial law and corporate litigation (judicial or extrajudicial)

Criminal Law

  • Elaboration of reports, criminal complaints and denouncements
  • Claims for civil compensation, requests foir replacement of coercive measures, precautionary proceedings and appeals against court decisions, among others.

Business advice

The DG provides general advisory services to individuals, small and medium-sized companies (national and foreign) in the various specific branches of law

How we work


The consultation makes it possible to raise awareness of the issue, present documentation for analysis and define the next steps.


After analyzing the issue, a strategy is defined with a view to resolving the issue.


We prepare all types of procedural parts so that the process reaches the right place.

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